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I'm Christopher McLean. I have practiced Buddhist meditation for forty-two years; and for the last nine years I've been teaching in the Insight Meditation tradition. I teach Samatha-Vipassana (Calm & Insight) retreats and workshops in Australia. I've also studied under Zen and Dzogchen teachers, hence, I have a broad 'Buddhayana' approach to Buddhist teachings.

On this page you'll find times, dates and details for  Insight Meditation practice, Mindful Inquiry days, Dharma Talks, Openness Mind Workshops & Focusing Workshops.

If you'd like to support my work, you can provide "dana" (i.e., a donation for the continuance of the teachings) with the following PayPal link.

See more, here, to understand the practice of 'dana' in the world of lay buddhist teachers.



Current Activities


Joyce Kornblatt and Christopher McLean will lead a five-day meditation retreat at Hartzer Park near Bowral, from 5:00 PM February 3rd 2012 to 2:00 PM February 8th.
The theme is
Turning Up: A Dharma of Human Connection

You can download a pdf about the retreat, access an enquiry form, and also register, all at the Cloud Refuge website, here.


There will two of these intensive two-day workshops in 2012. Both will be held in Balmain. Using Voice Dialogue and applying the principles of spiritual practice, we will explore your personality, revealing what it is and what it's not; what it can and can't do for you. In this way we'll uncover the only true source of freedom and peace: the deathless element.

1) The Wheel of Time: A Voice Dialogue Workshop
August 4/5
The theme will be the Buddhist 'Wheel of Time.'

2) Enneagram Mandala: A Voice Dialogue Workshop
December 1/2
This second Voice Dialogue workshop will exclusively use enneatypes with the Voice Dialogue approach.

Please note: The cost of this event is $220 for the weekend. (No one-day option).


A three-day Focusing retreat will be held at Hartzer Park in Bowral, in July; beginning evening of Friday 13th July, and finishing at lunchtime, 16th July. More details, including cost, to come.


  • Blue Gum Sangha talks will be on: 13 March, 12 June and 14 August. Read the details of their program, here. Blue Gum is a member of Sydney Insight Meditators.
  • I will give a talk at Blue Mountains Insight Centre on 18 January.
  • I will give talks at Cloud Refuge Sangha, Blackheath, on the following Thursdays:
    16 Feb, 15 Mar, 19 Apr, 17 May, 14 June, 19 July, 16 Aug, 13 Sept, 18 Oct, 15 Nov.


This year I will give two Level One Focusing workshops in the Blue Mountains. The planned dates (to be confirmed soon) are 19/20 May and 6/7 October. The cost will be $330 for the weekend workshop. (Concessions considered on request.) More details will appear here and at


A twelve-month Focusing Dialogue training and practice group will begin in June. It will offer training in Focusing and training in the application of Focusing to group discussion. It will generally be on the fourth Sunday of the month (except it'll be the fifth Sunday in July). It will include a two-day Focusing training in late June. There will be more details soon, here and at:


This group is a phone-conferencing study group. The dates for the 2012 year are generally on the second Sunday of the month, but with exceptions in April, May & June.

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