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  • Visit the Focusing Institute's website for a wide-ranging introduction. The Institute is the hub for all Focusing work.

  • You can find lots of material to introduce you to  Focusing, and Inner Relationship Focusing, on Ann Weiser Cornell's website.

  • Peter Afford also has a Questions & Answers page if you are new to Focusing.

  • This is a fantastic site, from the Institute of BioSpiritual Research, with an abundance of introductory material. They have a knack for presenting Focusing in such straightforward language.

  • Interactive Focusing is a development of Focusing that introduces a  dialogue dimension for Focusing partners. The originators of this approach recommend it for building bonds of intimacy between Focusing partners, through sharing inner truths in a safe way.

  • Joyce Kornblatt, Sydney, Australia - creative fiction mentoring

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Focusing workshops are held in Balmain: 02 9818 6923