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When talk gets too philosophical
        I vow with all beings
    to recall the challenge of the Buddha:
    'What is life?  What is death?  What is this?'
                                      -   Robert Aitken Roshi


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The Importance of the Encounter with Buddhism for Modern Science
By Francisco J. Varela

Focusing, Meditation, and Essence, by Chris McLean: an article discussing the possibility that the Focusing process (Gendlin) can be a doorway into processes that make Essence of mind available.

Buddhist Psychotherapy: A Zen Centre journal - articles by several Zen Buddhists concerning psychotherapy. (Ed: Chris McLean)

Steps to a Science of Inter-being: Unfolding the Dharma Implicit in Modern Cognitive Science - an article by the biologist Francisco J. Varela, in which he comes to some stunning conclusions concerning mind, based on modern cognitive science.

Aloneness Beyond Loneliness - Krishnamurti

ARTICLES by Chris McLean:

The Problem of defining the self: Self in Psychotherapy and No-self in Buddhism

'Soul' and the Two Truths

Principles of Buddhist Psychotherapy in Pali texts: I've put these passages up although I don't have a commentary written yet  - I hope this page is helpful even in this state.

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