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Christopher McLean

Christopher's Teaching Schedule

I was appointed to teach in 2002 by Subhana Barzaghi.

I've been practicing Buddhist meditation since the late sixties, taking a strongly inquiry-oriented approach. I've particularly practiced the Buddhadharma as an experiential/phenomenological inquiry.

For those who have some knowledge of Buddhist traditions: because I've also been a practitioner of Zen and Dzogchen, I think of myself as a One Dharma kind of Vipassana teacher. I'm particularly interested in a threefold approach to Dharma, wherein we discover ourselves as nothing, everything, and as a unique individual.

I make a part-time living as a psychotherapist (Buddhist Psychotherapy), and also teach the Vipassana-like skill of Focusing, in workshops.

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Phone:  61 02 4787 - 5662 (Blackheath, Australia)
Fax:     Call or email me for fax arrangements.
Mobile:  0421 346 919

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