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Maitreya, Buddha yet to be born


'The gift of Truth excels all other gifts.'
                                - The Buddha.

What is Tortoise Mountain Vipassana Sangha?

Tortoise Mountain Vipassana Sangha is an Insight Meditation group. Currently, it is represented by activities that can be found listed online, here. It is a mindfulness practice group focussing on inquiry mindfulness training through dialogue. Presently, it's activities are restricted to occasional workshops, and to on-line & telephone groups.

The purpose of Tortoise Mountain Sangha is to give support to people practicing Buddhist meditation, to study Buddhist teachings, and above all to inquire openly - so as to realize wisdom and compassion in daily life. The activities are open to all – experienced meditators or beginners.

In the West, we think of a sangha as a community of friends supporting each other on the difficult path of awakening to Truth. This gift of friendship is crucial to the spiritual life.

The activities are guided by Christopher McLean, an Insight Meditation Teacher.

Why "Tortoise Mountain"?

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Contact: Christopher McLean

Phone:  61 02 4787
-5662 (Blackheath, Australia)
Mobile:    0421 346 919

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