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Maitreya, Buddha to be born


     I have love for the footless,
     for the bipeds too I have love;
     I have love for those with four feet,
     for the many-footed I have love.
                                    - Buddha


Where and when does Tortoise Mountain gather?

In 2010, Tortoise Mountain reduced its activities, due to the ill-health of the teacher. The revised activities are available online, here.

Christopher McLean is the Dharma Teacher on these activities.

We are an open group dedicated to exploring human life through the practice of Vipassana & Inquiry. (See Insight page & links for more on Insight Meditation.)

No membership necessary, no pledges required. It is customary to give a donation, "dana," which is a contribution to support the continuance of Buddhist teachings.

Kalyānamitta (KM) Group

The Tortoise Mountain ‘kalyānamitta’ (spiritual friend) group meets once a month. 

The nights begin with a 45 minute meditation followed by an opportunity for members to share their individual experiences with the dharma in an open space – speaking into the silence. To ensure that we nurture mindful speaking, the speaker holds a talking stick while they are sharing.   The intention is that the space remain open allowing members to feel free to follow a line of enquiry or to share anything that comes up for them in relation to the dharma. The facilitator role for this group rotates through those attending.  


The group meets at the Grail and donations for the venue are welcome.  A box will be provided at the meetings for these donations which will go towards a ‘kitty’ to cover ongoing cost. Our intention is to provide the opportunity for everyone on an ongoing basis rather than having those attending on a given night having to split the cost.


The Tortoise Mountain KM Group meeting dates for this year are:

14 June

12 July

16 August

13 September

11 October

08 November


In the KM group, Meditation begins at 7 and we finish sharing promptly at 9.

The Grail
22 McHatton St
North Sydney

Feel free to call the number below to ask about the activities of the group.

Retreats and Mindfulness Weekends

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Phone:  61 02 4787 -5662
Mobile: 0421 346 919

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