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The Buddha (Afghan origin)

Links to sites that introduce Buddha Dharma:

Insight Meditation Society Sites:   IMS @ Barre,   Spirit Rock and  Gaia House

Introduction to Buddhism A well laid out introduction to classical Buddhist concepts.

Dharma The Cat An amusing introduction, but rigorous.  Check out the links on the  "Concise Introduction" page.

Buddhadasa and Suan Mokkh "Buddhadasa Bhikkhu became famous and controversial in Siam for his fresh, radical, provocative reinterpretation of Theravada Buddhism."  Good talks on this site from a great master.

Women in Buddhism

For a very detailed discussion of the path, see the Wings to Awakening by Thanissaro Bhikkhu.

For an exploration of Buddhist Psychotherapy

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Other Links:     

Blue Gum Sangha, Northern Sydney


Online Dharma Talks - various teachers (Streaming Audio)

Bodhgaya Program         Sarnath Program          DharmaCloud

Southern Insight (Christchurch NZ Insight Meditation Group)

Zen Buddhism

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