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Zen Buddhist Links

Robert Aitken Roshi, retired founder of the Diamond Sangha, inspiration for us all. A set of his teachings are published on Roshi's home page.

The web site of the Mountains and Rivers Order (MRO) "Inspired by Zen Master Dogen's 13th Century Mountains and Rivers Sutra, MRO was founded by Abbot, John Daido Loori, MRO's function is maintaining the practice integrity of its member organizations. The mainhouse of the order is Zen Mountain Monastery, a residential retreat center in the Catskills of New York state."  This site has a lot of good teishos (Dharma talks).

Dogen Sangha On this page there is a collection of writings by Nishijima Roshi, the teacher of the Dogen Sangha in Japan. It includes his Zazen Retreat Lectures. 

BuddhaNet has easily accessed Zen files for ftp dowloading. 

Buddhist Studies WWW Virtual Library Another excellent site for downloading Zen Buddhist materials, including the Diamond Sangha daily practice texts

Butsudo - Zen Buddhism A beautifully designed site, and lots of good, useful material.

Charlotte Community of Mindfulness is a community practicing the way as taught by Thich Nhat Hanh.   "Coming together with a community of friends is a powerful way to "water the seeds of mindfulness" that help nourish us and bring joy." 

Daily Zen, a site managed by the Monkess, is a beautiful, positive site with regular posting of extracts from Zen teachings.  Send a Zen card to someone.

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